Chakra Balance Diffuser Necklace and Gemstone Infused Mist Set


Do you work with essential oils?  Have you ever wanted to make your own Gemstone Chakra Mist or Chakra Diffuser Necklace or even offer a workshop to spread the love of essential oils?

This set contains the following:

15 - Diffuser Necklace Sets - 30" cord, ceramic pendant, silver plated bead

15 - 10ml bottles to make your own Mist

Assortment of Gemstone chips to infuse into your mist:

1st - Root - Garnet

2nd - Sacral - Carnelian

3rd - Solar Plexus - Tigers Eye

4th - Heart - Rose Quartz

5th - Throat - Turquoise

6th - Third Eye - Amethyst

7th - Crown - Clear Quartz

Set does not include essential decide what oils work best with the 7 Chakras.  Instructions and recipe for Mist included with set.